Thing 7 Infographic



I had to send out information about how my students can stay connected over their summer break so I created an infographic.



Thing 3 MindMup and Lucidchart

I am always drawn to the visual so this was very interesthing to me. MindMup was a lot of fun and I chose to write about something fresh in my mind, having come from a tournament. Although I can’t claim the veracity of the contents of my chart, it did help me break down the step as I have learned it.



Lucidchart was far more complicated but at the same time offered more possibilities. I discovered that you could use different shapes and categories on it so I created the floor plan that reflected our classroom when my students transformed it into a restaurant.

Around the World Restaurant - New Page-


Thing 2: Chrome Apps and Extensions

Chrome Apps and Extensions

It was a lot of fun doing thing 2! Please click on the link above to watch a short movie about my apps and extensions.

It would be interesting to let my students have a go and pick apps that they like and think they can use. My choices were mainly driven by productivity and I won’t really know if I will keep them until I use them – which again, is the essence of technology.

Thing 1: Voicethread

vtMy love affair with Voicethread began in 2010 when I found out about it through a colleague. I had been searching for a way for my students to prove that they were getting better at reading through the goals that they set for themselves. The recording function of Voicethread allowed them to create running records every week. Their recordings changed as their goals changed and this documentation also helped them see their growth throughout the year. We also added feedback from classmates and from their teacher. Students love using Voicethread, and now that it is also available on iPads, it has become even easier to use.

Norbu’s Prove It Slideshow